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Signature Facial with Ampoule Therapy ...All Skin Types

75mins... $85
A deep cleanse and exfoliation followed by a personally prescribed Intensive Ampoule complex & treatment mask. Along with a relaxing facial massage, the skin will be left feeling rejuvenated and radiant.


Micro Basic ..... $ 75 40 minutes
Micro Plus ....... $ 90 50 minutes
Micro Deluxe ...$140 1hour 20mins

Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliating mechanical treatment to polish the skins surface. This treatment is used to treat an uneven skin texture, blackheads, lessen the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles & improve the brightness & texture of the skin. Make-Up will appear more even & flawless along with easier application. The exfoliating crystals are passed over the skins surface creating a buffing effect which removes the dead skin cell surface. Microdermabrasion can be done as a single treatment to give a brighter appearance to the skin, allow better absorbtion of homecare products or for any follow up facial reatments. Courses of 6 treatments over 6 weeks will give maximum results with the added benifits of increased cellular regeneration.

Intensive Facials

Hydradvance Facial ...AntiAgeing, Dehydrated Skin

75mins... $110
"Hydradvance teaches the skin to reactivate it's natural hydration system to create a healthier more youthful complexion. Maintains optimal hydration and reinforces the protection of the skin through prolonged water equilibrium. Ideal for skins exposed to high amounts of Air Conditioning, frequent travels and Airline Crew.

Collagen Hyaluronic Facial ...Anti Ageing, All skin types

75mins... $110
This cosmeceutical antiaging facial is a customised treatment acording to the specific needs of the skin at various stages of ageing..

Oxygenating Facial...All Skin Types

60mins... $85

Skincare treatment adapted to the needs of your skin with the primary focus to oxygenate the skin. This unique treatment for each season is always evolving and never the same.

Resurfacing Peeling Treatment with Intensive Vitamin C

Resurfacing: 60mins... $85

Resurfacing with Vitamin C: 75mins... $115

Resurface, Repair and Renew with Sothys medical grade hydroxyl acid pealing treatment which offers greater efficiency in exfoliation and cellular renewal in one complete treatment.